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Posted: March 1, 2018

facility entranceEveryone experiences being the new kid sometimes in life. Think kindergarten, middle school and high school, all of which may bring lifelong memories— perhaps not always good ones. Think moving as a young adult and again as an older adult. The musical group, Eagles, wrote their 1976 hit A New Kid in Town when they moved to Los Angeles; even though they were already a success, they felt as if they were “Newbies.”

The U.S. Census Bureau states the average American moves as many as 12 times in a lifetime. The American Moving and Storage Association reports that 83.8% of American’s move within the same state whereas 13.2% move to another state and 0.33% move to another country. statistics claim corporate and military-related moves reach 18% of Americans. Moving can be a tense situation not only for children but for older adults and even though the move can be more of their choice, that doesn’t ease the stress and feeling of being the new kid.

On Memorial Weekend, 2017, Heft my home in New Mexico for a three-month road trip to visit each of my four children who live in different states. I also left behind a For Sale sign that had been planted two years previously in the front yard. Mid-summer while visiting my son in Frisco, CO, I developed a health issue that required a hospital stay and a stern message that I could not return home for at least 2 months. Ironically, the house sold turnkey and the closing was scheduled while I was hospitalized. Quickly, the new kid syndrome became a harsh reality.

After much online research for 55+ Communities, I kept returning to the Bella Vita website and with my son and daughter-in-law in hand, we strolled the grounds with the new kid thought staying foremost in my mind. Would I readily acclimate to a high rise structure and adjust to a much smaller living area? Would I have enough to do? Would I feel safe?

My doubts were eased during a conversation with a resident who was sitting on a park bench petting her dog. I asked her to tell me about the Community and asked if she felt safe. She shared all of the activities available at Bella Vita and stated she did indeed feel safe as she described the safety motions it takes to enter the complex. She further stated the staff and residents are accepting and easily make one feel comfortable. I moved to Bella Vita in early December 2017 and quickly dismissed the idea of being the new kid. It was so easy!

By Charlotte Myers

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