How to Stay Active in Retirement

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How to Stay Active in Retirement

Posted: August 12, 2022

Your retirement is finally right around the corner. Many adults dream of this stage of life for years as they picture a new chapter of relaxation and less responsibility. You’ve undoubtedly worked hard, and now you have time to think of how to enjoy life during retirement.

Whether you plan to take it easy, invest your time in family or travel as much as possible, setting goals to keep yourself active provides numerous health benefits. An active lifestyle gives older adults a sense of purpose in their newfound freedom that enriches every essential aspect of life. Learn how to adopt an active lifestyle that fits your needs so you can enjoy every moment of your retirement.

What Is an Active Lifestyle?

At this stage in life, you’re in complete control of your lifestyle. You can begin living the life you want without the pressure of morning commutes, job responsibilities and strict deadlines. This time is the perfect opportunity to ask yourself what to do after retirement. Celebrate your accomplishments by participating in your favorite hobbies or picking up a few new ones on the way.

No matter the plans you decide to pursue during retirement, maintaining an active lifestyle is essential for older adults. An active lifestyle is a change in mindset and physical activity where you can adopt new ways to be healthy. For older adults, doctors recommend at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week. This type of activity, which equals 30 minutes of walking during the week, can help ensure healthy aging.

It’s essential to keep in mind that you’re no longer making the trip to your place of work each day. This factor means you should adopt ways to make up for the steps you used to take from every walk to the train station or across the office. Luckily, an active lifestyle that fits your preferences can give you a new sense of purpose, allowing you to stay physically fit and mentally stimulated.

You’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your muscles and meet new people on your new journey to achieving an active lifestyle. This change has incredible benefits that can improve your quality of life as you step into a new chapter.

The Benefits of Staying Active During Retirement

Although retirement is an exciting time for anyone who has dreamed of achieving new opportunities, entering this stage of life can sometimes result in unpreparedness and stress. Combating these feelings can occur before retirement through effective planning to keep yourself busy each week.

After retirement, many older adults begin to experience symptoms of loneliness — one-fourth of older adults over 65 feel isolated due to significant life changes such as less social interaction with co-workers and friends. This feeling impacts their mindset toward everyday activities. Even their favorite hobbies become uninteresting to them as they face this new change in socialization.

Staying active during retirement significantly decreases the chance of feeling lonely and developing health risks later in life. Even maintaining continuous healthy social interactions every week provides numerous health benefits, including decreases in:

  • The risk of heart disease and strokes
  • Developing dementia
  • Rates of depression and anxiety
  • Hospitalizations due to heart failure

Staying active each day improves healthy aging so you can enjoy your time engaging with friends and family for as long as possible. Making new memories and creating stronger relationships with your loved ones are the most significant benefits of staying active during retirement.

Ways to Keep Active in Retirement

Ways to Keep Active in Retirement

Staying active in retirement is vital for maintaining your physical and mental health. Transitioning from the workforce into a new stage of freedom can spark many changes that may take adapting. This occurrence is perfectly normal for older adults to experience.

Before officially retiring from your position in a company, take some time to establish specific plans for yourself to stay busy once the time comes. You can take a much-needed vacation to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit, become involved in local volunteer opportunities or pick up on a few new hobbies to occupy your time.

Here are a few ways to enjoy life after retirement by adopting an active lifestyle:

1. Create a Fitness Routine

Keeping the body moving at a pace you find comfortable yet stimulating is essential for maintaining a healthy physical status. Since you’ll need about 30 minutes of exercise a day, you can explore options that provide this level of activity while also finding enjoyment.

If you enjoy nature, find a hiking trail nearby that allows you to take in the beauty of the surrounding area. Swimming is also a fun exercise that mobilizes an impressive amount of muscles in the body to increase flexibility and movement. Even playing outside with the grandkids can provide 30 minutes of activity to keep your body moving.

2. Maintain Social Connections

Creating lasting relationships is essential for older adults as they explore new daily activities. The more physical exercise you indulge in each day, the higher your chances of meeting new people.

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone to make new friends. You can also maintain connections from the past by contacting and making plans with close ones. Scheduling a trip to visit previous colleagues or childhood friends can bring precious memories to light.

3. Find New Hobbies

You may find that your new freedom allows you some time to dive into your favorite hobbies. This time is perfect for discovering new interests and passions you may not have had time for in the past.

You can learn how to play a new sport, try yoga or another relaxation method, take art lessons or invest time in your community. Take some time to discover what you enjoy spending time on, and you might find new activities that give your life a new sense of purpose.

Some older adults dedicate a few hours a week to volunteering. This hobby can initiate new social connections while providing support for members of your community in need. Making a difference in someone’s life can make you feel like yours is just beginning.

Bella Vita’s Active Living Community for Older Adults

If you plan to adopt an active lifestyle after retirement, consider Bella Vita’s active living community. Our luxury apartment options allow you to live a comfortable life surrounded by fellow retired neighbors. Being only a short distance from essential locations such as department stores, restaurants and shopping centers will enable you to maintain a daily routine that fits your preferences.

Enjoy a living space that offers a 24/7 fitness center, beautiful gardens and dog parks, TV-room lounges and many other unique amenities to make you feel at home. Staff is available whenever you need them to set appointments, schedule transportation or if your space could benefit from housekeeping services.

Contact us today with any questions to get started on your new active lifestyle.

Bella Vita's Active Living Community for Older Adults

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